Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Psst, Ann, Ask Newt about This

I gleaned the book for humorous howlers: Coulter wrote that liberals are big on having "trophy wives" (sorry but I forgot to write down the exact quote). While certainly there are some Democrats who have trophy wives, one thing that some people noticed is that a lot of the GOP class of 1994--many of whom were unexpectedly thrust into congressional seats--suddenly gave their wives walking papers when they became big shots--soon-to-be-indicted Congressman Bob Ney is a good example. It was kind of fitting considering that the engineer of the Republican Revolution was none other than Coulter's friend Next Gingrich (who has a habit of dumping the old-ball-and-chains once they approach Coulter's age--BTW, Coulter turns 45 in December). For more on Gingrich and his serial harems, click here for a hilarious transcript of me laying out the facts to Sean Hannity.

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