Wednesday, June 07, 2006


More Tomorrow

I admire your fortitude, Scoobie. Everytime I read Coulter, I feel a little bit of my soul shrivel and die.
Scoobie, I have listened to your mindless chirping on Hannity's radio show, and I have spent the last 20 minutes reading through your blogs. Thank you for confirming everything I have ever believed about liberals. Coulter calls you "Godless"; I would add "cluless". If any of your readers are interested in an intellectually honest appraisal of Coulter's work, go to
"I would add 'cluless'."

God, I love it when right wing automatons attempt to claim the intellectual high ground, then misspell their own efforts at insults. (See also A spelling gaffe with no sense of irony... or shame.)
Hondo is wrong to state that the review in is intellectually honest. That review states that the book is 100% factually correct. Even conservative blogs are starting to list the factual errors. Where is the intellectual honesty in claiming there are no factual errors, when there clearly are?
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